Narc Dog Graduation

Patricia L. Little, who trains dogs to detect narcotics, gives diplomas to the handlers of graduates of her training academy”  Peru, Indiana early 80’s  

Sandringham Road, 1983

‘Fighting The Lawmen’, Hackney Community Defense Association   “Everybody knew that drug dealing went on in Sandringham Road. It was common knowledge that police officers took money and drugs from dealers. They would pocket the money and supply the drugs Read More …

To Farm Insanity Plant, 1909

To Farm Insanity Plant Deadliest Vegetable Known to be introduced into Texas. “The deadly marihuana plant is to be introduced into Texas from Mexico by special permission of the state agricultural department. Ernest Love, who conducts an agricultural experimental station Read More …

Afghan War Charas, 1984

This is translated from a interview of a Russian special forces officer named Sergei Dubko (Intelligence, 56 DSB, Logar Province) talking about the War against Afghanistan. He was stationed inside Afghanistan between 1984-1985. In the discussion he was talking about Read More …

Drugs and Sex, 1971

“Drugs and Sex make human wrecks. Man’s hair long and life short.” Religious protester New York, 1971 Drugs and Sex make human wrecks. Man’s hair long and life short. Pray: God make me free in jesus name. Don’t read filth Read More …

Smoke and Flesh, 1968

‘Smoke and Flesh’ movie poster from 1968    

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