The French Hashish Doodle, 1971

‘A group of French hippie travelers smoke hash in their hotel room’ in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1971 Closeup of the cannabis plant drawing on the wall to the left in the photo. Share page on:

A Tree Grow’s in Detroit, 1971

“Marihuana plant” growing in tree’s flower bed in Detroit, Michigan September 16, 1971     Share page on:

Hippie Trail Kitty, 1971

‘Hippie girl Smoking hashish while playing with a local cat sitting with locals under the pergola of a restaurant’ in India, 1971     Share page on:

Display of Marijuana, 1971

‘Sgt. John Jensen of the Salt Lake Police Department displays marijuana in its various forms and paraphernalia connected with the drug.  Jean Dean of the Ladies Petroleum Club looks on.’ Salt Lake City, Utah 1971     Share page on:

The White Raven, 1971

“This photograph by Cor Jaring is from 1971 and shows the boat ‘De Witte Raaf’ (the White Raven) moored straight opposite the local Amsterdam police station of Kattenburg, selling marihuana plants, for one guilder each. We see Kees Hoekert at Read More …

We Were Kids, 1971

“We played out our fantasies like children. We were kids playing “grown-up games.” You can be whatever you want to be when you’re a kid.” – From Jerry Rubin’s Cook County Prison Journal ‘We Are Everywhere’ – 1971   Share Read More …

One toke over the line, 1971

“I’m waitin’ for the train that goes home sweet Mary Hopin’ that the train is on time Sittin’ downtown in a railway station One toke over the line” – Brewer & Shipley   Lawrence Welk deals with Champagne Ladies who misbehave, Read More …