Raid in Mauritius, 1970’s

Special Mobile Force (SMF Police) posing with Cannabis Plants before destroying them in a bonfire in front of their Barracks at Vacoas, Port Louis, Mauritius (a little island off Madagascar’s coast) – 1970’s     Share page on:

Moorish Court Reception, 1910

‘Moorish Court Reception’, Ladies smoking & drinking tea, Algiers, Africa 1910       Share page on:

Natives Smoking Hashish, early 1900’s

“Natives Smoking Hashish” from horn water pipe, Mozambique, Gaza, Africa. Postcard dating to the early 1900’s     Share page on:

Tangiers Dancer, 1913

Musicians play and smoke while woman dances, hand colored Postcard from Tangier, Morocco 1913   Share page on:

Angola Hemp Pipe, 1900

‘Hemp Pipe’ “Cow’s horn with opening at tip closed at base; hole bond is concave surface of horn for insertion of a short cane tube on which fits a well made pottery bowl with flaring mouth. This is the simplest Read More …

Smoke Session, 1881

“We smoke it and it reminds us of different things. We remember the miracles of the world. We remember those far and near. We remember” – Basotho Cannabis Smoking song, from C.J. Bourhill’s report from 1913 called ‘The smoking of Read More …

The South African Smoker Games

Zulu’s smoking – South Africa by B W Caney – 1880 The South African Smoker Games Long before the Hunger Games would captivate the delight of many a sauced smoker, cannabis smokers in South Africa came up with their own Read More …

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