Far Away, 1906

“In the veil of smoke from pipe of clay, I picture my sweetheart far away.” Stereoview, 1906     Share page on:

Bravo Hashish, 13th Century

By God, bravo, hashish! It stirs deep meanings. Do not pay attention to those who blame it. Refrain from the daughter of the vines And do not be stingy with it. Eat it dry always and live! By God, bravo, Read More …

Nocturnal Vegetable Market, 1874

‘Nächtlicher Gemüsemarkt’ (Nocturnal Vegetable Market) by Johann Mengels Culverhouse, 1874   Share page on:

Ojai Hippie Riots, 1967

Ojai Pergola on the left, California   Ojai Hippie Riots In the small picturesque town or Ojai, California, the Summer of Love almost turned into the Summer of Riots… The hippies had begun to flock to Ojai after a couple Read More …

Sun, Soil, Seeds & Soul, 1979

Sun, Soil, Seeds & Soul This is a article that was published in Blotter Magazine issue #4 in 1979 titled ‘Sun, Soil, Seeds & Soul’.  An amazingly insightful article for its time, the otherwise anonymous author simply signed the story Read More …

The French Hashish Doodle, 1971

‘A group of French hippie travelers smoke hash in their hotel room’ in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1971 Closeup of the cannabis plant drawing on the wall to the left in the photo. Share page on:

A Pleasured Smoke, 1769

‘Courtesan Blowing Smoke in Man’s Face’ by Suzuki Harunobu.  Shunga (Japanese erotic art) woodblock print, Edo period 1769–70         Share page on:

Jam Jar Hookah, 1915

Jam Jar Hookah:  “Wounded Indian smoking through a jam jar”.  During WW1 at a hospital in Brighton, England August 1915     Share page on:

Bangladeshi Coconut Waterpipe’s, 1860

‘Group of Bangladeshi hookah makers, demonstrating various stages in the manufacture of waterpipes from Coconut Shells’. Eastern Bengal, India 1860   Share page on:

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