Narcotics Bust, 1952

‘Narcotics bust’: Officer Douglas Ingram posing with plants and rolled marijuana.  Van Nuys, California November 20,1952         Share page on:

San Francisco Warehouse Grow, 1988

“Marijuana farm in San Francisco. Two warehouse marijuana farms were busted by San Francisco undercover police on Bancroft Street and Napoleon Street. This was the main growing room where plants had already been pulled and a police officer was examining Read More …

Pop Pot, 1973

An unidentified chemist holds a container of marijuana plants found by police in an apartment in Northwest Washington D.C. in 1973.       Share page on:

Pouring out the Loot, 1952

“Narcotics ring broken…$30,000 worth taken”, A.V. Beckner poses pouring out loot.  Los Angels, California. March 11, 1952         Share page on:

Machete C.A.M.P, 1985

Once we had all reached the marijuana fields on that hot day, the press was allowed a photo opportunity… Barry Inman was the only one I saw with a machete, which he happily wielded on plant after plant… “I love Read More …

Gather Marijuana, 1970

Gather Marijuana Four Indiana State Police Troopers, from left, Ronald Albright, Det. Sgt. Robert Zack, Edward Galloway and Robert Candler, clear a building near North Liberty, Sunday, of marijuana where three laskens(?) had stored it. The large cache was valued Read More …

Early Indoor, 1970’s

“Dean Lloyd (left) and ABC Officer Fred Hennessee (right) amongst marijuana plants. This is possibly a picture of a bust.” Burke County, North Carolina, late 1970’s   Notice the vertical MH lights… Pioneers…     Share page on:

Reefer Resort, 1948

Mitchum’s attorney, the famed Jerry Giesler, told the court the indictment against his handsome client was void and invalid because its language was “indefinite, uncertain, and unintelligible.” “Parts of it,” he said, “aren’t even in the English language. The only Read More …

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