Narc Dog Graduation

Patricia L. Little, who trains dogs to detect narcotics, gives diplomas to the handlers of graduates of her training academy”  Peru, Indiana early 80’s   Share page on:

America’s Canine Cosmonaut, 1907

“A dog weighing 25 pounds received an injection of two ounces of an active U.S.P. Fluid extract in the jugular vein with the expectation that it would certainly be sufficient to produce death…” -A 1907 study ‘A Pharmacological study of Read More …

Drug Sniffing Dog Trading Cards, 1994

1994 U.S. Customs Service/ Treasury Department issued Drug Sniffing Dogs trading cards…   The Drug War, some of us are made to be Criminals and some are made hero’s for making it so…     Share page on:

The Old Hemp Stud, 1893

“Of the first 29 winners of the International Championships after 1906, all, with only one or two exceptions, carried the blood of Hemp on one or both sides of breeding.” -Sheila Grew, in her book Key Dogs From the Border Read More …