The French Hashish Doodle, 1971

‘A group of French hippie travelers smoke hash in their hotel room’ in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1971 Closeup of the cannabis plant drawing on the wall to the left in the photo. Share page on:

Fumeur de pipe orientale, 1860’s

‘Fumeur de pipe orientale’ by Leroy Alphonse-Alexandre (1820-1902)       Share page on:

Twas the night before Christmas, 1823

“Merry Old Santa Claus” by Thomas Nast Harper’s Weekly in January 1, 1881   A Visit from St. Nicholas ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings Read More …

Cannabis Woodblock Print, 1891

Hand colored woodblock print of Cannabis from ‘Senshu no Hana’ (One Thousand Varieties of Flowers) by Kono Bairei in 1891       Share page on:

The American Dope Party, 1906

‘The American dope party’ “A lesson in practical patriotism taught by the Boston tea party.” Illustration shows many men dressed as Native Americans on board a ship labeled “The Good Ship Dope”, throwing cartons and boxes of adulterated and unhealthy Read More …

The Godfathers of the Hashishins, 1853

“Let someone say of a doctor that he really knows his physiology or anatomy, that he is dynamic-these are not real compliments, but if you say that he is an observer, a person who knows how to see, this is Read More …

420 Brush Strokes in the Art of War, 1915

“Carnival of 1915” ‘Danza Macabra Europea’ – WW1 Propaganda lithographs by Alberto Martini, 1915   420 Brush Strokes in the Art of War While looking through the stunning work of Alberto Martini’s ‘Danza Macabra Europea’, WW1 series of propaganda lithographs, Read More …

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