Happy 420, 1885

4:19       4:20       Happy 420 everyone!   Photographs – Girls pose in Turkish studio, Istanbul 1885 Share page on:

Bicycle Ride, 1943

“One often asks oneself what roles planning and chance play in the realization of the most important events in our lives” – Albert Hofmann in a 1996 Worlds of Consciousness Conference speech in Heidelberg, Germany Man smoking pipe with bicycle, Read More …

Ojai Hippie Riots, 1967

Ojai Pergola on the left, California   Ojai Hippie Riots In the small picturesque town or Ojai, California, the Summer of Love almost turned into the Summer of Riots… The hippies had begun to flock to Ojai after a couple Read More …

Jam Jar Hookah, 1915

Jam Jar Hookah:  “Wounded Indian smoking through a jam jar”.  During WW1 at a hospital in Brighton, England August 1915     Share page on:

Fragrant Flower Shop, 1954

Fragrant Flower Shop “FLOWERS AND DOPE: Figuring prominently in yesterday’s major dope arrests was the Fragrant Flower Shop, at 729 Washington-st, San Francisco… The shop was a ‘front’ for dope dealings.” April 5, 1954 Share page on:

King Comics, 1939

King Comics #42, October 1939     Share page on:

Smoke Dope Everywhere, 1972

Smoke Dope Everywhere   “Fuck the games. No more games, no more hiding the dope in the coffee can, or in the drawer under the underwear. No more putting your dope in your crotch to go over to your girl’s Read More …

Turkish Hookah Lesson’s, 1963

“Turkish visitors describe smoker’s pipe for Mrs. Tinkler (right) and her daughter, during a visit at the Tinkler home.   The young women from Turkey are visiting the United States under the Experiment in International Living program” Denver, Colorado August Read More …

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