Long Arm of the Octopus, 1953

“Narcotics Hearing at Mayors office” Los Angeles, California February 17, 1953 Explaining drug policy with the long arm of the… Octopus? Mayor Fletcher Bowron and Dist. Supervisor of Narcotics Ernest M. Gentry Ellis A. Jarvis Asst. Supt. In charge of Read More …

Pouring out the Loot, 1952

“Narcotics ring broken…$30,000 worth taken”, A.V. Beckner poses pouring out loot.  Los Angels, California. March 11, 1952         Share page on:

Narcotics supplier, 1951

“Narcotics supplier for juveniles”, Los Angeles, California – June 27, 1951   ‘Camp Fire Girls’ box had me rolling!     Share page on:

Dope Suspect, 1951

“Dope suspect”, Rudy Lara (suspect); officer Steve Broadhurst and officer Rocky Lucarelli find bags of marijuana hidden in car seats. Los Angeles, California August 20, 1951 Share page on:

Dope Raid, 1951

“Dope Raid” Alfred Perez – 24 years (narcotic suspect) on the Left; Ray Huber (officer) on the Right examining confiscated marijuana. Police headquarters Los Angeles, California – May 16, 1951 Share page on:

Peyote & Cannabis Raid, 1958

Robert King, Sgt. State Narcotics inspector and John O’Grady of LAPD Narcotics Bureau, examine some of the peyote & cannabis picked up in a raid.  California, 1958   Share page on:

Don’t get your Panties in a Bunch, 1951

Sheriff’s Secretarty Sonia Simone and Lieutenant Ray Huber posing with evidence including marijuana stuffed womens nylons.  Los Angeles, California Marijuana raid, October 31, 1951   Share page on:

The Pretty Flowers, 1952

Robles said he “Grew marijuana because he ‘liked the pretty flower’s on it!” Los Angeles, 1952 Det. Otis Green, Theodore S. Robles and Det. H.I.B. Warren, with 7-foot marijuana plants Robles was found growing in his backyard at 1023 Mahar Read More …

Hollyweed, 1976

“I want people to be able to see it from Wilshire.” -Harry Chandler, describing his vision of the Hollywoodland sign   A publicity photo for the Hollywoodland subdivision’s groundbreaking includes a plow, mule and surveyors. 1923 Hollyweed In 1923, wanting Read More …

Undercovers Protect Schools from Kids, 1986

“Undercover LAPD officers Dwane White (left), and Yolanda Gonzales appear at a press conference with Chief Daryl Gates, where Gates said the two were among eight undercover agents behind a narcotics operation at nine city high schools. They found 201 Read More …