Holy Cannabis, 1503

“Non Mudera” translated ‘I won’t change’ -Anne of Brittany Anna di Bretagna (dettaglio) by Jean Bourdichon Holy Cannabis In 1503 a special holy book was commissioned by the only woman to be Queen of France, Twice, Queen Anne of Brittany. Read More …

Cannabis Woodblock Print, 1891

Hand colored woodblock print of Cannabis from ‘Senshu no Hana’ (One Thousand Varieties of Flowers) by Kono Bairei in 1891       Share page on:

Vintage Pressed Botanical Cannabis, 1956

Framed archival print of a vintage pressed botanical / herbarium specimen (dried ‘cannabis sativa’ plants) collected in Sweden in 1956. The specimens were mounted in the traditional manner using paper strips. A hand written card with the plant description, where Read More …

Specimens of Male and Female Hemp, 1893

“Specimens of male(right) and female(left) hemp plants from the seed field, Khandwa, India” October 28, 1893, from the British ‘Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1894-1895’ Plate 97   Share page on: