Marihuana Patch Burned

‘Marihuana Patch’ discovered and burned in Michigan.  Undated (guessing 1930’s based off knickerbocker pants and the pork pie hat)     Share page on:

A Tree Grow’s in Detroit, 1971

“Marihuana plant” growing in tree’s flower bed in Detroit, Michigan September 16, 1971     Share page on:

Smoke Dope Everywhere, 1972

Smoke Dope Everywhere   “Fuck the games. No more games, no more hiding the dope in the coffee can, or in the drawer under the underwear. No more putting your dope in your crotch to go over to your girl’s Read More …

Roshambo, 1800’s

  Roshambo A loved ol’ time smoke spot seems to have answered the eternal question fought over for centuries…  How in the hell does paper beat rock?… Half-way rock, Michigan early 1900’s Before the turn of the century, the journey Read More …

Hippies Claim Dope Imports Improving, 1969

Hippies Claim Dope Imports Improving One beautiful by product of being 6% of the worlds population and polluting and owning 60% of the planets wealth is our newest colonies finest import – Vietnamese Marijuana. As our heroic men smoke dope Read More …