Happy 420, 1885

4:19       4:20       Happy 420 everyone!   Photographs – Girls pose in Turkish studio, Istanbul 1885 Share page on:

Jam Jar Hookah, 1915

Jam Jar Hookah:  “Wounded Indian smoking through a jam jar”.  During WW1 at a hospital in Brighton, England August 1915     Share page on:

Bangladeshi Coconut Waterpipe’s, 1860

‘Group of Bangladeshi hookah makers, demonstrating various stages in the manufacture of waterpipes from Coconut Shells’. Eastern Bengal, India 1860   Share page on:

Tangiers Dancer, 1913

Musicians play and smoke while woman dances, hand colored Postcard from Tangier, Morocco 1913   Share page on:

King Comics, 1939

King Comics #42, October 1939     Share page on: