Drugs and Sex, 1971

“Drugs and Sex make human wrecks. Man’s hair long and life short.” Religious protester New York, 1971 Drugs and Sex make human wrecks. Man’s hair long and life short. Pray: God make me free in jesus name. Don’t read filth Read More …

Smoke and Flesh, 1968

‘Smoke and Flesh’ movie poster from 1968     Share page on:

Low-caste Bengalees, 1878

“Low-caste Bengalees,” from ‘India and its Native Princes’ by Louis Rousselet, 1878 “Low caste inhabitants of Cawnpore”, India 1881 engraving print Share page on:

Narcotics Bust, 1952

‘Narcotics bust’: Officer Douglas Ingram posing with plants and rolled marijuana.  Van Nuys, California November 20,1952         Share page on:

Nautch: Dancers in Kashmir, 1928

Nautch: Dancers in Kashmir “The women of the Vale of Kashmir, one of the loveliest places in the world, have long been considered among the most beautiful in India. The languorous and exotic nautch dancers, with their jeweled headdresses and Read More …

San Francisco Warehouse Grow, 1988

“Marijuana farm in San Francisco. Two warehouse marijuana farms were busted by San Francisco undercover police on Bancroft Street and Napoleon Street. This was the main growing room where plants had already been pulled and a police officer was examining Read More …

Long Arm of the Octopus, 1953

“Narcotics Hearing at Mayors office” Los Angeles, California February 17, 1953 Explaining drug policy with the long arm of the… Octopus? Mayor Fletcher Bowron and Dist. Supervisor of Narcotics Ernest M. Gentry Ellis A. Jarvis Asst. Supt. In charge of Read More …

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