Sweet Marijuana Precode, 1934

The Saturday Night Kid, 1929 banned poster under the Hollywood Code for Clara Bow lifting her dress.   The Hollywood Code Even before audio was introduced to cinema many were already trying to censor what was shown on the big Read More …

Narcotics supplier, 1951

“Narcotics supplier for juveniles”, Los Angeles, California – June 27, 1951   ‘Camp Fire Girls’ box had me rolling!     Share page on:

Dope Suspect, 1951

“Dope suspect”, Rudy Lara (suspect); officer Steve Broadhurst and officer Rocky Lucarelli find bags of marijuana hidden in car seats. Los Angeles, California August 20, 1951 Share page on:

The Vicious Part that Potent Marihuana Plays, 1938

“The vicious part that potent marihuana plays in stimulating certain melody makers to fantastic heights of inspiration and the efforts made to eliminate the evil.” – A 1938 illustration from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle connects marijuana use Read More …

Dope Raid, 1951

“Dope Raid” Alfred Perez – 24 years (narcotic suspect) on the Left; Ray Huber (officer) on the Right examining confiscated marijuana. Police headquarters Los Angeles, California – May 16, 1951 Share page on:

Ganja smoked by the Uralis, 1934

“Cannabis sativa “ganja”, smoked by Uralis, Penyan Lake, Travancore, Kerala; March 9, 1934″     “Gift from Miss Hazel Bartlett, 1961.” Tag attached reads: “Cannabis sativa “ganja”, smoked by Uralis, Penyan Lake, Travancore; March 9, 1934, E.W. Erlanson.” Probably refers Read More …

Dick’s Operation, 1969

President Richard Nixon and Mexico’s President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz shake hands at a ceremony on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River after dedicating the Amistad Dam, in background. September 8, 1969 (less than two weeks before the start Read More …

Gathering the Ganja Crop, 1894

“Gathering the Ganja Crop”, Naogaon, India – February 16, 1894 – (Photo from the British ‘Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1894-1895’) plate 110 Share page on:

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