Happy 420, 1885

4:19       4:20       Happy 420 everyone!   Photographs – Girls pose in Turkish studio, Istanbul 1885 Share page on:

The French Hashish Doodle, 1971

‘A group of French hippie travelers smoke hash in their hotel room’ in Kabul, Afghanistan, 1971 Closeup of the cannabis plant drawing on the wall to the left in the photo. Share page on:

Behold the Time of the Assassins, 1872

Morning of Drunkenness O my good! O my beautiful! Atrocious fanfare where I won’t stumble! Enchanted rack whereon I am stretched! Hurrah for the amazing work and the marvelous body, for the first time! It began amid the laughter of Read More …

Keep Off The Grass, 1968

“Marijuana was the main thing that promoted non-violence amongst the youth, because as soon as they have it, they – first of all you have to laugh on your first experiences. There’s nothing else you do but laugh, and then, Read More …

The Turned On Army, 1968

The Turned On Army Despite frantic Pentagon attempts to keep the facts secret, it is becoming increasingly clear that America is less-than-proud possessor of a turned-on Army. Embarrassing as it may be to American officials, our soldiers have grown up Read More …