Afghan War Charas, 1984

This is translated from a interview of a Russian special forces officer named Sergei Dubko (Intelligence, 56 DSB, Logar Province) talking about the War against Afghanistan. He was stationed inside Afghanistan between 1984-1985. In the discussion he was talking about Read More …

Pop Pot, 1973

An unidentified chemist holds a container of marijuana plants found by police in an apartment in Northwest Washington D.C. in 1973.       Share page on:

A Ganja Field, 1894

“A Ganja Field” Khandesh, India – 1894 (Photo from the British ‘Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1894-1895′) Plate 70 Share page on:

The Founding Growers: Part 1, George Washington, 1765

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth. The checks he endeavors to give it, however warrantable by ancient usage, will, more than probably, kindle a flame, which may not be easily extinguished; tho’ for Read More …