About Author


Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by my website.  For safety reasons you can call me Schwilly.

For the majority of my life I have studied cannabis.  Health lead me to this plant and we have seldom parted.  I decided early on my journey to grow my own medicine, a love bloomed.

I have now grown cannabis the majority of my life.  Dragged into the drug war, I like many was arrested and convicted of cultivation of a plant.  This only made me want to study further the reason’s why.

The more I was around the plants, the more I wanted to learn about them.  My reading journey led me to many of histories sub plots, the untold stories involving cannabis and mankind.  Shockingly many of these stories I had heard, read and was taught.  The odd part was all these classic history tales left out cannabis in the retelling…

I started this blog to tell the true story of humanity with cannabis.  I hope you enjoy the journey!