Around the hemp anatomy, 1894

‘Intorno alla anatomia della canapa’ (‘Around the hemp anatomy’)  (Cannabis sativa L.) By Giovanni Briosi & Filippo Tognini published in 1894           1. Portion of a female inflorescence. Grand. nat. 2. An isolated female flower; b Read More …

Angola Hemp Pipe, 1900

‘Hemp Pipe’ “Cow’s horn with opening at tip closed at base; hole bond is concave surface of horn for insertion of a short cane tube on which fits a well made pottery bowl with flaring mouth. This is the simplest Read More …

Holy Cannabis, 1503

“Non Mudera” translated ‘I won’t change’ -Anne of Brittany Anna di Bretagna (dettaglio) by Jean Bourdichon Holy Cannabis In 1503 a special holy book was commissioned by the only woman to be Queen of France, Twice, Queen Anne of Brittany. Read More …

Smoke and Flesh, 1968

‘Smoke and Flesh’ movie poster from 1968     Share page on:

Low-caste Bengalees, 1878

“Low-caste Bengalees,” from ‘India and its Native Princes’ by Louis Rousselet, 1878 “Low caste inhabitants of Cawnpore”, India 1881 engraving print Share page on:

Hemp Chocolate Card, 1890’s

‘The Hemp: The Canvas, the ropes, Hempseed oil’,  Chocolate bar trading card (1 of 84 in this botanical series) by ‘Chocolat Guerin-Boutron’ in Paris from the 1890’s   “Le chanvre: La toile, les cordes, huile de chènevis” Share page on:

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