Jam Jar Hookah, 1915

Jam Jar Hookah:  “Wounded Indian smoking through a jam jar”.  During WW1 at a hospital in Brighton, England August 1915     Share page on:

Bangladeshi Coconut Waterpipe’s, 1860

‘Group of Bangladeshi hookah makers, demonstrating various stages in the manufacture of waterpipes from Coconut Shells’. Eastern Bengal, India 1860   Share page on:

Hippie Trail Kitty, 1971

‘Hippie girl Smoking hashish while playing with a local cat sitting with locals under the pergola of a restaurant’ in India, 1971     Share page on:

To Farm Insanity Plant, 1909

To Farm Insanity Plant Deadliest Vegetable Known to be introduced into Texas. “The deadly marihuana plant is to be introduced into Texas from Mexico by special permission of the state agricultural department. Ernest Love, who conducts an agricultural experimental station Read More …

Low-caste Bengalees, 1878

“Low-caste Bengalees,” from ‘India and its Native Princes’ by Louis Rousselet, 1878 “Low caste inhabitants of Cawnpore”, India 1881 engraving print Share page on:

Nautch: Dancers in Kashmir, 1928

Nautch: Dancers in Kashmir “The women of the Vale of Kashmir, one of the loveliest places in the world, have long been considered among the most beautiful in India. The languorous and exotic nautch dancers, with their jeweled headdresses and Read More …

A British Surgeon puts Ganjah on the Medical Map, 1813

Untitled watercolor by Anon, 1820. Captioned – A European, probably Sir David Ochterlony (1758-1825), in Indian dress, smoking a hookah and watching a nautch in his house at Delhi.   A British Surgeon puts Ganjah on the Medical Map In Read More …

America’s Canine Cosmonaut, 1907

“A dog weighing 25 pounds received an injection of two ounces of an active U.S.P. Fluid extract in the jugular vein with the expectation that it would certainly be sufficient to produce death…” -A 1907 study ‘A Pharmacological study of Read More …

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