Square Grouper, 1979

U.S. Custom Agents pose on fast boat filled bales of marijuana, Florida Keys, 1979   Catching the limit for Square Grouper… Share page on:

Hemp Seed Soup for the Soul

Viejos comiendo sopa (Two Old Men Eating Soup), by Francisco Goya 1819-1823   Hemp Seed Soup for the Soul: A Christmas Eve Classic Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house All the creatures were stirring, especially the Read More …

Heidelberg University Karzer, 1900

Students at the University of Heidelberg take a break from their studies while smoking opium.  These students are housed/held in the university prison room known as the Karzer  (c. 1900)     Share page on:

Outside of a small circle of friends, 1967

Phil Ochs     Outside of a small circle of friends “Smoking marihuana is more fun than drinking beer, But a friend of ours was captured and they gave him thirty years. Maybe we should raise our voices, ask somebody Read More …

Mota Motors, 1978

Officer Jerry Donovan carrying a 150 pound burlap bale of marijuana on his motorcycle down the beach.  Ft. Funston Army Reserve Depot can be seen in the background. San Francisco, California – August 17, 1978   Share page on:

Keep on the Grass, 1976

Keep on the Grass 42st boys strutting on 10th ave in Borough Park/Sunset Park, Brooklyn – 1976 So much amazing going on in this picture, lets start with a couple of the guys wearing “Female Wanted” shirts while they eye Read More …

Thanksgiving’s Peace Pipe, 1621

“when they will not give a doit to relieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten to see a dead Indian.” – William Shakespeare writes In The Tempest (Shakespeare would most likely have saw Epenow when he was kidnapped Read More …

The American Dope Party, 1906

‘The American dope party’ “A lesson in practical patriotism taught by the Boston tea party.” Illustration shows many men dressed as Native Americans on board a ship labeled “The Good Ship Dope”, throwing cartons and boxes of adulterated and unhealthy Read More …

Honor America, Smoke In, 1970

Honor America Smoke-In July 4, 1970 Honor America, Smoke In In 1970 Nixon’s closest supporters organized Honor America Day after the U.S. Was wracked by protests following Nixon’s April 30 announcement that America was expanding the war in Vietnam by Read More …

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