The Immortal Cannabis Goddess

Immortal Magu, Qing Dynasty (18th century) ink and watercolor on silk     Magu: The Immortal Cannabis Goddess In Chinese mythology, a immortal Taoist xian is the protector of women, the Goddess of longevity and is able to brew the Read More …

Long Arm of the Octopus, 1953

“Narcotics Hearing at Mayors office” Los Angeles, California February 17, 1953 Explaining drug policy with the long arm of the… Octopus? Mayor Fletcher Bowron and Dist. Supervisor of Narcotics Ernest M. Gentry Ellis A. Jarvis Asst. Supt. In charge of Read More …

A British Surgeon puts Ganjah on the Medical Map, 1813

Untitled watercolor by Anon, 1820. Captioned – A European, probably Sir David Ochterlony (1758-1825), in Indian dress, smoking a hookah and watching a nautch in his house at Delhi.   A British Surgeon puts Ganjah on the Medical Map In Read More …

After the Stage, a Pipe of Kif

“After the Stage, a Pipe of Kif”, Saharan Desert, 1890-1905     Share page on:

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