Portrait of his Fiance, 1880

Photographer – Ali Sami, Portrait of his Fiance, Istanbul, Turkey 1880   Share page on:

The Prime Minister’s Cow, 1970

“I was in Turkey and these guys invited me into one of the coffee shops and passed the hookah around and I smoked it. What was in it, I don’t know, probably some hash. Same thing in India (and) China. Read More …

The First Stoned Selfie, 1843

The First Stoned Selfie Just a few short years after the American Robert Cornelius took the first selfie in Philadelphia in 1839, French painter Camille Dolard would take another photographic first for selfie’s…  The first stoned selfie! In 1843 using Read More …

Chicago World’s Fair, 1893

“If it comes to please then it will be through the process similar to the taste for opium or hashish.” – observations of a Worlds Fair visitor in 1893   Crowd waiting for the opening of the gates at the Read More …

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