Opium Capital Punishment, 1937

‘Three Chinese men about to be executed because their opium rehabilitation in prison hasn’t had any effect’  Beijing, China 1937   Share page on:

High Fashion, 1970

Les Lalanne, François-Xavier & Claude Lalanne, in their french studio 1980   High Fashion In France a artistic couple was able to take the art of making jewelry a bit higher… Les Lalanne is the name for a artist couple Read More …

Smoke Dope Everywhere, 1972

Smoke Dope Everywhere   “Fuck the games. No more games, no more hiding the dope in the coffee can, or in the drawer under the underwear. No more putting your dope in your crotch to go over to your girl’s Read More …

Fumeur de pipe orientale, 1860’s

‘Fumeur de pipe orientale’ by Leroy Alphonse-Alexandre (1820-1902)       Share page on:

The Bedouin Cameleer’s Kief, 1922

A Rest Among the Sand-Dunes south of El Wad, Algeria The Bedouin cameleer must have his tea and a pipe of kief, the desert man’s opiate. This Arab carries with him enough food and equipment for 90 days of desert Read More …

Soldiers Searched, 1969

‘Police dogs trained to smell out hidden marijuana examine U.S. Soldiers luggage at the airport during the Vietnam War’, Vietnam Airport 1969     Share page on:

Hopping for Change, 1967

Joint Factory’, John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins rolling Marijuana Joints ready for a Party, London, ca. 1964 Hopping for Change In 1967 photographer, club owner and co-founder of the Newspaper ‘the International Times’ John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins was arrested for marijuana possession in Read More …

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