The Bedouin Cameleer’s Kief, 1922

A Rest Among the Sand-Dunes south of El Wad, Algeria The Bedouin cameleer must have his tea and a pipe of kief, the desert man’s opiate. This Arab carries with him enough food and equipment for 90 days of desert Read More …

Soldiers Searched, 1969

‘Police dogs trained to smell out hidden marijuana examine U.S. Soldiers luggage at the airport during the Vietnam War’, Vietnam Airport 1969     Share page on:

Alleged Marijuana Plants Seized, 1969

“Patrolman Carl Klutz with alleged marijuana plant seized on Carolina Street in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill district. Two people were arrested, including one suspect armed with a rifle. Three kilos in all were seized. The two were booked on charges Read More …

Angola Hemp Pipe, 1900

‘Hemp Pipe’ “Cow’s horn with opening at tip closed at base; hole bond is concave surface of horn for insertion of a short cane tube on which fits a well made pottery bowl with flaring mouth. This is the simplest Read More …

Close Up Bud, 1963

“Close up of marijuana seized in an drug bust” San Francisco, California June 28, 1963     Share page on:

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