Bravo Hashish, 13th Century

By God, bravo, hashish! It stirs deep meanings. Do not pay attention to those who blame it. Refrain from the daughter of the vines And do not be stingy with it. Eat it dry always and live! By God, bravo, Read More …

Happy 420, 1885

4:19       4:20       Happy 420 everyone!   Photographs – Girls pose in Turkish studio, Istanbul 1885 Share page on:

Bangladeshi Coconut Waterpipe’s, 1860

‘Group of Bangladeshi hookah makers, demonstrating various stages in the manufacture of waterpipes from Coconut Shells’. Eastern Bengal, India 1860   Share page on:

Yearly Collection of Narcotics, 1925

“The yearly collection of narcotics seized by the Narcotic Bureau of the New York Police Department during the year 1924. These 1516 parcels representing 2732 arrests are valued at $2,500,000. The individuals shown are Police Commissioner Richard K. Wright and Read More …

Tangiers Dancer, 1913

Musicians play and smoke while woman dances, hand colored Postcard from Tangier, Morocco 1913   Share page on:

Turkish Hookah Lesson’s, 1963

“Turkish visitors describe smoker’s pipe for Mrs. Tinkler (right) and her daughter, during a visit at the Tinkler home.   The young women from Turkey are visiting the United States under the Experiment in International Living program” Denver, Colorado August Read More …

Angola Hemp Pipe, 1900

‘Hemp Pipe’ “Cow’s horn with opening at tip closed at base; hole bond is concave surface of horn for insertion of a short cane tube on which fits a well made pottery bowl with flaring mouth. This is the simplest Read More …

Low-caste Bengalees, 1878

“Low-caste Bengalees,” from ‘India and its Native Princes’ by Louis Rousselet, 1878 “Low caste inhabitants of Cawnpore”, India 1881 engraving print Share page on:

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