Happy 420, 1885

4:19       4:20       Happy 420 everyone!   Photographs – Girls pose in Turkish studio, Istanbul 1885 Share page on:

The Prime Minister’s Cow, 1970

“I was in Turkey and these guys invited me into one of the coffee shops and passed the hookah around and I smoked it. What was in it, I don’t know, probably some hash. Same thing in India (and) China. Read More …

Parke, Davis & Company advertisement, 1957

I can’t even make this stuff up… “You say you paid $9.oo to get that one prescription filled? Wow!” “Depends on how you look at it. That medicine kept me from missing weeks of work… Maybe saved my life. I Read More …

Perfectly Baked, 1921

Wage Campaign on “Indian Hemp” Las Animas, Colorado, Dec. 22 Vigorous measures to stamp out production of “Indian Hemp” are being taken by Bent County officials following the discovery here of several gardens in which the plant was being cultivated. Read More …

Reagan’s Drug War Comic, 1986

“I don’t know what hes on, but its a lot more powerful than that stuff from Latin America” People look up at the sky at Reagan flying off with a drug bag and behind him leaving a smoke trail. The Read More …

Something Going On, 1930

In the Clutches of the Gang (1914) Movie   Something In Brooklyn, a vague person telephoned police headquarters. “There is something going on here,” he said. Six plain-clothes detectives and four patrolmen went to investigate. Presently the vague person again Read More …

Drug Sniffing Dog Trading Cards, 1994

1994 U.S. Customs Service/ Treasury Department issued Drug Sniffing Dogs trading cards…   The Drug War, some of us are made to be Criminals and some are made hero’s for making it so…     Share page on:

It’s a Hot Summer, 1953

“Lay low, boys, Its a hot summer!”,  ‘Heat Wave In St. Louis County’s Rat Alley’ from The St. Louis Post, 7-21-1953.   (Included in the businesses  ‘Marijuana Shoppe’) Share page on:

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