Smoke and Flesh, 1968

‘Smoke and Flesh’ movie poster from 1968     Share page on:

The First Stoned Selfie, 1843

The First Stoned Selfie Just a few short years after the American Robert Cornelius took the first selfie in Philadelphia in 1839, French painter Camille Dolard would take another photographic first for selfie’s…  The first stoned selfie! In 1843 using Read More …

Mota Motors, 1978

Officer Jerry Donovan carrying a 150 pound burlap bale of marijuana on his motorcycle down the beach.  Ft. Funston Army Reserve Depot can be seen in the background. San Francisco, California – August 17, 1978   Share page on:

Keep on the Grass, 1976

Keep on the Grass 42st boys strutting on 10th ave in Borough Park/Sunset Park, Brooklyn – 1976 So much amazing going on in this picture, lets start with a couple of the guys wearing “Female Wanted” shirts while they eye Read More …

Perfectly Baked, 1921

Wage Campaign on “Indian Hemp” Las Animas, Colorado, Dec. 22 Vigorous measures to stamp out production of “Indian Hemp” are being taken by Bent County officials following the discovery here of several gardens in which the plant was being cultivated. Read More …

Gathering the Ganja Crop, 1894

“Gathering the Ganja Crop”, Naogaon, India – February 16, 1894 – (Photo from the British ‘Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1894-1895’) plate 110 Share page on:

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