Marihuana Patch Burned

‘Marihuana Patch’ discovered and burned in Michigan.  Undated (guessing 1930’s based off knickerbocker pants and the pork pie hat)     Share page on:

A Tree Grow’s in Detroit, 1971

“Marihuana plant” growing in tree’s flower bed in Detroit, Michigan September 16, 1971     Share page on:

America’s Canine Cosmonaut, 1907

“A dog weighing 25 pounds received an injection of two ounces of an active U.S.P. Fluid extract in the jugular vein with the expectation that it would certainly be sufficient to produce death…” -A 1907 study ‘A Pharmacological study of Read More …

Marihuana Smokers Arrested, 1913

Marihuana Smokers Arrested Even before cannabis became illegal under a local El Paso city ordinance in 1914, El Paso police found a way to enforce the imaginary… My favorite form of cannabis measurement…   The “Bucket”   Marihuana Smokers Arrested Charged Read More …

The Vicious Part that Potent Marihuana Plays, 1938

“The vicious part that potent marihuana plays in stimulating certain melody makers to fantastic heights of inspiration and the efforts made to eliminate the evil.” – A 1938 illustration from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle connects marijuana use Read More …

Dope Raid, 1951

“Dope Raid” Alfred Perez – 24 years (narcotic suspect) on the Left; Ray Huber (officer) on the Right examining confiscated marijuana. Police headquarters Los Angeles, California – May 16, 1951 Share page on:

The Cowboy Smugglers, 1890

‘Los charros contrabandistas’  (The Cowboy Smugglers), 1890 dice game Gameboard for dice game of the ‘Cowboy Smugglers’ shows Mexican cowboys in charro outfits on horseback, lassoing the 64 spaces on the board. The accompanying text, upper right, provides the rules Read More …

Dick’s Operation, 1969

President Richard Nixon and Mexico’s President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz shake hands at a ceremony on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River after dedicating the Amistad Dam, in background. September 8, 1969 (less than two weeks before the start Read More …

Fable of the Keyhole, 1870

Ancient Fable: Three men, one under the influence of alcohol, another steeped in opium, a third intoxicated by marihuana, arrived one night at the closed gates of a Persian city. “Let us break down the gates!” roared the drunkard. “Nay,” Read More …

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