Fumeur de pipe orientale, 1860’s

‘Fumeur de pipe orientale’ by Leroy Alphonse-Alexandre (1820-1902)       Share page on:

Around the hemp anatomy, 1894

‘Intorno alla anatomia della canapa’ (‘Around the hemp anatomy’)  (Cannabis sativa L.) By Giovanni Briosi & Filippo Tognini published in 1894           1. Portion of a female inflorescence. Grand. nat. 2. An isolated female flower; b Read More …

Holy Cannabis, 1503

“Non Mudera” translated ‘I won’t change’ -Anne of Brittany Anna di Bretagna (dettaglio) by Jean Bourdichon Holy Cannabis In 1503 a special holy book was commissioned by the only woman to be Queen of France, Twice, Queen Anne of Brittany. Read More …

Smoke and Flesh, 1968

‘Smoke and Flesh’ movie poster from 1968     Share page on:

Low-caste Bengalees, 1878

“Low-caste Bengalees,” from ‘India and its Native Princes’ by Louis Rousselet, 1878 “Low caste inhabitants of Cawnpore”, India 1881 engraving print Share page on:

The Giantess, 1857

The Giantess In those days when Nature’s overwhelming Lust Engendered infant-monsters day by day I’d love to have lived with a young giantess. Like a lazy cat at the foot of my queen I’d lay. I’d watch her grow into Read More …

The Immortal Cannabis Goddess

Immortal Magu, Qing Dynasty (18th century) ink and watercolor on silk     Magu: The Immortal Cannabis Goddess In Chinese mythology, a immortal Taoist xian is the protector of women, the Goddess of longevity and is able to brew the Read More …

Long Arm of the Octopus, 1953

“Narcotics Hearing at Mayors office” Los Angeles, California February 17, 1953 Explaining drug policy with the long arm of the… Octopus? Mayor Fletcher Bowron and Dist. Supervisor of Narcotics Ernest M. Gentry Ellis A. Jarvis Asst. Supt. In charge of Read More …

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