Don’t Mind if I Do, 1994

“Hunter S. Thompson was on a panel discussing the influence of the Beats in America. There were 500 people in the audience when he nonchalantly took out a bowl, packed it with his stash, lit up and started passing it Read More …

Portrait of his Fiance, 1880

Photographer – Ali Sami, Portrait of his Fiance, Istanbul, Turkey 1880   Share page on:

Sweet Marijuana Precode, 1934

The Saturday Night Kid, 1929 banned poster under the Hollywood Code for Clara Bow lifting her dress.   The Hollywood Code Even before audio was introduced to cinema many were already trying to censor what was shown on the big Read More …

The Prime Minister’s Cow, 1970

“I was in Turkey and these guys invited me into one of the coffee shops and passed the hookah around and I smoked it. What was in it, I don’t know, probably some hash. Same thing in India (and) China. Read More …

Rolling Joints, 1966

People roll joints at a marijuana party near the University of California at Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California May 23, 1966   Share page on:

The First Stoned Selfie, 1843

The First Stoned Selfie Just a few short years after the American Robert Cornelius took the first selfie in Philadelphia in 1839, French painter Camille Dolard would take another photographic first for selfie’s…  The first stoned selfie! In 1843 using Read More …

Cambodian Battle Bong, 1974

“A Cambodian soldier takes a marijuana break during a lull in the fighting around Prek Tapao, 7 miles south east of Phnom Penh. The soldier keeps the pipe, made from a hefty length of bamboo, going with a lamp made Read More …

Narcotics supplier, 1951

“Narcotics supplier for juveniles”, Los Angeles, California – June 27, 1951   ‘Camp Fire Girls’ box had me rolling!     Share page on:

Kanapinis: Return of the Hemp Man

Posing with the Hemp Man   Kanapinis: Return of the Hemp Man What if I told you there was a day where from sun up to sun down you were not only offered but expected to eat delicious fried pancakes Read More …

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