Rolling Joints, 1966

People roll joints at a marijuana party near the University of California at Berkeley campus in Berkeley, California May 23, 1966   Share page on:

Narcotics supplier, 1951

“Narcotics supplier for juveniles”, Los Angeles, California – June 27, 1951   ‘Camp Fire Girls’ box had me rolling!     Share page on:

Square Grouper, 1979

U.S. Custom Agents pose on fast boat filled bales of marijuana, Florida Keys, 1979   Catching the limit for Square Grouper… Share page on:

Thanksgiving’s Peace Pipe, 1621

“when they will not give a doit to relieve a lame beggar, they will lay out ten to see a dead Indian.” – William Shakespeare writes In The Tempest (Shakespeare would most likely have saw Epenow when he was kidnapped Read More …

The American Dope Party, 1906

‘The American dope party’ “A lesson in practical patriotism taught by the Boston tea party.” Illustration shows many men dressed as Native Americans on board a ship labeled “The Good Ship Dope”, throwing cartons and boxes of adulterated and unhealthy Read More …

Marihuana Smokers Arrested, 1913

Marihuana Smokers Arrested Even before cannabis became illegal under a local El Paso city ordinance in 1914, El Paso police found a way to enforce the imaginary… My favorite form of cannabis measurement…   The “Bucket”   Marihuana Smokers Arrested Charged Read More …

The Cowboy Smugglers, 1890

‘Los charros contrabandistas’  (The Cowboy Smugglers), 1890 dice game Gameboard for dice game of the ‘Cowboy Smugglers’ shows Mexican cowboys in charro outfits on horseback, lassoing the 64 spaces on the board. The accompanying text, upper right, provides the rules Read More …

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