The Dirtbags of Dope Lake, 1976

“We underestimated the entrepreneurial spirit of certain members of the community” – Park Ranger Tim Setnicka Westbay, Briwell and Long after the first one-day ascent of the Nose, El Cap, Yosemite, CA 1975 The Dirtbags of Dope Lake An outlaw Read More …

Rio Seizure, 1967

‘Three bags containing marijuana seized at Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the military dictatorship.’ October 4, 1967     Share page on:

Square Grouper, 1979

U.S. Custom Agents pose on fast boat filled bales of marijuana, Florida Keys, 1979   Catching the limit for Square Grouper… Share page on:

Dope Suspect, 1951

“Dope suspect”, Rudy Lara (suspect); officer Steve Broadhurst and officer Rocky Lucarelli find bags of marijuana hidden in car seats. Los Angeles, California August 20, 1951 Share page on:

The Cowboy Smugglers, 1890

‘Los charros contrabandistas’  (The Cowboy Smugglers), 1890 dice game Gameboard for dice game of the ‘Cowboy Smugglers’ shows Mexican cowboys in charro outfits on horseback, lassoing the 64 spaces on the board. The accompanying text, upper right, provides the rules Read More …

Dick’s Operation, 1969

President Richard Nixon and Mexico’s President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz shake hands at a ceremony on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River after dedicating the Amistad Dam, in background. September 8, 1969 (less than two weeks before the start Read More …

Hippies Claim Dope Imports Improving, 1969

Hippies Claim Dope Imports Improving One beautiful by product of being 6% of the worlds population and polluting and owning 60% of the planets wealth is our newest colonies finest import – Vietnamese Marijuana. As our heroic men smoke dope Read More …

Drug Sniffing Dog Trading Cards, 1994

1994 U.S. Customs Service/ Treasury Department issued Drug Sniffing Dogs trading cards…   The Drug War, some of us are made to be Criminals and some are made hero’s for making it so…     Share page on:

Don’t get your Panties in a Bunch, 1951

Sheriff’s Secretarty Sonia Simone and Lieutenant Ray Huber posing with evidence including marijuana stuffed womens nylons.  Los Angeles, California Marijuana raid, October 31, 1951   Share page on:

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