The First Stoned Selfie, 1843

The First Stoned Selfie

Just a few short years after the American Robert Cornelius took the first selfie in Philadelphia in 1839, French painter Camille Dolard would take another photographic first for selfie’s…  The first stoned selfie!

In 1843 using a daguerreotype camera of his own design (that could take 4 different sized photo’s with one camera) Dolard set up the stoned scene for his selfie in his Lyon, France studio.

Most likely using Cornelius’s selfie technique, Dolard would remove the lens cap and run into frame posing perfectly still for over a minute with his water pipe.  At the end of the minute as quickly as he could he would jump out of frame replacing the lens cap.

The Stoned Selfie was born!


Camille Dolard Self-portrait/selfie as a hookah smoker in 1843



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